Are you missing a crucial link?

Missing a crucial link?

Do you know your website is delivering it's full potential?
Are your potential customers able to find you and how are they liking your site?

Is your site delivering? How are your customers liking your site?

Let us help you find out »

We help you find out »

Management Services around your Website

Websites need to be alive and need to be nurtured! Having a website is simply not enough. The content needs to be up-to-date and technology as well as user expectations are changing over time. We can help you to stay on top!

Our relationship does not end with launching your web site. We are committed to ongoing maintenance and responsibility. We will update your pages even if the initial design has not been done by us.

Modern Websites should be fun to use, easy to navigate and look good. All this is true for the full range of websites we create. But every site needs additions or alterations over time. In fact you should keep adding, modifying and deleting old content to keep your site up to date and interesting for visitors to come back. We offer distinctively different ways of achieving this:

Want a fire-and-forget approach to your site? You are not alone. In fact most of our clients prefer to simply send an email and Professional Web Solutions manages it from here. While we can not guarantee a timeframe our usual response times are well within 2 business days. We do not believe in the “you're next in the queue” type of handling.

If you want or need to take a more hands-on approach and do changes yourself, then a Content Management System is the better way for you. This does not make any difference to the look and feel of the site, but with it comes a management console, where you can login with a password and do all theses changes yourself. And of course, if you need a little guidance or simply don't have the time 'at the moment' we are here to help.

Last, but not least if you are in the business of selling online, you will need a shopping cart. Here, the responsibility for the products almost certainly will be with you (after all we do not run your business), but for the rest, we usually step in and work on that part. Most shop owners do not want to risk breaking the shop or need help in setting up the shipping cost calculator etc. Professional Web Solutions can take care of that - no problem.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Sometimes seen as a kind of 'dark art', we believe that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) must be an integral part of any website. The biggest challenge in this field of work is to keep informed about the latest trends that Search Engine giants like Google set. In order to find the most relevant web pages to a search, they keep tweaking the algorithms in which they determine which page is first and which is last. This process is known as ranking. While most of the determination process is shrouded in much secrecy, there are a number of factors that need to be ticked in order to have a good chance to be up there at the top. All websites we design will have basic SEO build into right at the design level, but we can also look into tweaking and re-modelling your existing website to make it perform better.

Have a web site that can be found ....

Web Site Audit

Our Web Site Audit is a service made for you. If you think your site could earn you more money, the chances are high it is not performing well. There are a number of factors in today's Web Sites that need to be 'right', for your viewers to become customers. Our basic Website Audit is free and comes with no strings attached. We will give you an overview of what should be improved to make the site perform better.

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Email Marketing

To get your messages and information across to your clients, there is nothing better than a personal email. It is fast and goes directly to the person who wants it. But as Spiderman already figured out: "With great power comes great responsibility". Because we all dread the spam emails flooding our Inboxes this is the one activity that can land you in very hot, very troubled water very quickly. To avoid the pitfalls, do it right and use the proper software.

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Web Consulting

Uncertain about what to do, where to start or how to go on? We will do the 'odd job' as happily as creating a complete web-site plan for your enterprise which will grow with your business.

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Web Site Hosting

To make Professional Web Solutions your one stop shop, we do offer web site hosting to our clients. Although this is not our business focus, we believe that it is essential to have a proper web hosting service. Why after all do you want to express yourself on the Internet if the server is down frequently?

Hosting details

We operate our own servers, so your site is
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