You do not like uncertainty?

Don't like uncertainty?

Our robust design process is guided by your individual contract.
You know in advance the scope, time frame and cost of the project!

Your contract defines the scope, time frame and cost of the project!

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Our design Process

We use a proven systematic approach to achieve the goal:
To deliver a product the way you want it and that is working for you.

Over the years we have refined a simple but effective process to develop web sites. In it's most basic form it involves these steps:

  1. Consultation

    First we need to find out what you have in mind and what the website is supposed to be doing for you. We find it important to use jargon free communication. After all we are here to listen and clarify, not confuse and complicate matters.

  2. The Contract

    Professional Web Solutions now prepares that all defining contract. This will be signed by both parties before it is binding. Usually at this point we invoice for 50% of the total cost.

  3. The Look

    At the end of this step we have agreed on the layout of the site aka how it will look like in the browser. We do realise, that most humans have difficulties to exactly put into words what they see in their minds. That is why this process is usually the part where joy and frustration are close together. We have developed many sites over the years and are confident that we are able to create a site that suits your needs as well.

    This is the first milestone and needs to be signed off by our client before we proceed.

  4. Custom Programming

    This part is depending on the type of site. Some smaller sites do not require a great deal of custom coding, while others require thousands of lines of code and database programming. During this time a lot is happening in the background and we keep our customers informed about the progress with regular update reports.

  5. Generating the content

    Now we take your content (text and images) and create the actual pages. We do this on a shadow site, so you can keep generating feedback about the content, while your current website is operating unaffected.

    This is the second milestone, that needs a sign-off.

  6. Testing , testing, testing, ....

    All content is finished, the site is finished and both our client and us internally test drive the website to iron out the last kinks. This can involve some selected third party as well.

    This is the final milestone.

  7. Site goes live

    This is always a fascinating moment for the crew of Professional Web Solutions. It involves some internal server work and then the all important step to let the Search Engines know about the new website that just saw its first light.

We are committed to see our product work for you...

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A robust process ensures, that not only the design targets are well defined, but the specifications are met. Our customers are involved and kept informed about our progress the whole time. No nasty surprises come launch day!

Standard components to the rescue

In our modern world we tend to wanting things done 'yesterday'. This is where standard components come in. Instead of reinventing the wheel all the time, we use 'off-the-shelf' available components wherever possible. These get 'glued together' to create the final product. Your advantages are

  • faster "time to market"
  • more robust code base
  • less time spend on fixing things
  • cheaper products

Because the components we use leave us in full control, you do not get a run-off-the-mill website, but a product that is tailored exactly to you liking and needs.

Why do we insist on contracts?

The one goal we have in mind is to ensure customer satisfaction. To achieve this, both our clients and we need to know what it is to deliver, when it is finished and how much the product is going to cost.