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... Professional Web Solutions provides web site hosting for our web design clients only.
We are really only interested in looking after our customers, not the masses.

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Web Site Hosting

Professional Web Solutions’ service does not stop once a new design is implemented. We also offer hosting service to our clients. This term describes the computer that will serve your pages to the viewers worldwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. After investing into a proper Web Site you will agree that this is not a matter taken lightly. If the hosting company can't deliver a very reliable service, it is you who is missing out because your web site can't be accessed if they are down. Professional Web Solutions operates it's own servers at a specialised provider. This gives us 100% control over the workload of our machines and the software environment your website is operating in.

The servers we use are in tight security and access controlled data centres. These machines are in climate controlled environments complete with backup emergency power sources and have proven to be online 99%, which is remarkable. Just the reasons we host our own web site here, too.

The second big advantage for you to use our servers for your web site is our intricate knowledge about their set-up. This gives us the chance to program pages to the very best, because we know the capabilities of the server! We also do monitor our servers and websites hosted on them for availability and possible attacks. After all, we want a smooth operation because from our point of view the 'buck stops here'.

We operate our own servers,
to make sure your site is as fast and reliable as possible ....


Of course, our hosting comes with full email services. We offer unlimited email addresses and storage (within reason) for all our clients. Your emails can be accessed by all common email programs, as well as online through a web interface - should you have the need to keep in contact at an Internet Café or other public places. Together, we will determine the best strategy for you.

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Web Site Statistics

Also, as a built in component, there is a very comprehensive statistics package. You will have heard about "hits". Well, forget about hits, as they are utterly meaningless. What you want to know is how many visitors looking at how many pages and what search engine keywords do they use to arrive at your site. These information can be used to further refine your site towards your target audience. "Hits" can't tell that!

You need proper statistics to improve your site ....